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Brahmasree  Thekkiniyedath Tharananellur Padmanabhan Unni Namboothiripad

Brahmasree  Thekkiniyedath Tharananellur Padmanabhan Unni Namboothiripad is

the tantri of many renowned temples including Sri Thodannur Mahadeva Kshethram.

Tharanallur family which comprises of four thavazhis they are Veluthedath, Nadumbilli, Kidangassery and Thekkiniyedath. Our Tantri Brahmasree Thekkiniyedath Tharananellur Padmanabhan Unni Namboothiripad belongs to Thekkiniyedath Manah.

Know about thantric family of Kerala,As we all know  kerala is being created by Lord Parasurama. After the creation of the land, he brought several people from other parts to live here. He has constructed many temples across Kerala and designated two Brahmin Families to take care of the Tantric part of the temple activities. Tharananalloor and Thazhaman were those two families. There is an interesting myth about how those names have come to exist.

Lord Parasurama was sitting on the banks of Holy River Pamba. At that time heads of both these families appeared on the other side of the river. Parasurama asked both of them to come near to him immediately. Actually, he intended to check their expertise in Tantra. When one of them crossed the river by walking over the waves, the other one crossed it by walking over the bed of the river. When the river stood standstill to enable the great tantric to cross by walking over it, it paved way for the other by keeping the water away from his way. The one who crossed the river by walking over it came to be known as Tharananalloor. The other one who walked over the river bed (Thazhe mannu in local language Malayalam means the sand beneath) came to be known as Thazheman.

With their expertise, Parasurama allotted the right of Tantra in all Sastha Temples to Thazhaman family and that of Devi temples to Tharananalloor family. As there were temples of other gods, these have been divided among them equally. 

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